Diamond Eternity Band or Ring

Diamond Eternity Band or Ring

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There are a number of different ring styles. As always A'Lex Diamonds is interested in education on the classic timeless pieces above all others. The eternity band falls under that category and is a popular ring that is simple and stylish but usually not for wearing if you treat your jewelry harsh. If built well it will seem to stand up to heavy use but up close it will be damaged. We have had a customer in the past push their eternity pushed to the limit by going going as far to wear her band as a frequent tennis player year. When it was time for her 50th birthday upgrade most if not all of the stone I believe were chipped or cracked. Now most people would never have noticed but required a few to be replaced when the ring was redesigned into another classic setting and adding a larger center stone to the setting and creating two rings instead of just one. In the end the customer was more than satisfied with the end product

What is an eternity band or ring given for ?

Traditionally, you would give an eternity ring to mark a special milestone within your relationship. It is common to give an eternity ring to your loved one to celebrate the birth of your first child together or to mark an important wedding anniversary or milestone.

What finger do you wear the eternity ring on ?
The short answer – absolutely! While tradition does dictate that Eternity Rings are only gifted after marriage, many couples today are choosing to buck the trend. At the end of the day we always tell our customers do what makes you happy.
We supply a full selection of eternity bands in natural and lab created diamonds. Something to think about is if you opt to get a custom A'Lex Diamond eternity band we can used lab stones or rare diamonds to create a multi-color ring as unique and colorful as your imagination.