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A special day dawned at the A'Lex Diamonds studio as Danielle Dawkins-Osborne, the radiant face behind the brand, prepared for an exclusive unboxing. With an upcoming event on the horizon, Danielle had requested some pieces from one of her favorite suppliers. As she aptly put it, "I know it's going to be fabulous and sparkly."

The First Reveal:

With bated breath, the parcel was opened to reveal pears and marquise diamonds. The quest to find the clasp took a moment, but once located, the piece dazzled in all its glory. "Can you see this?" Danielle asked, showcasing a radiant piece shimmering under the light. The final tally? A stunning 2.9 carats distributed across 30 stones. "Just beautiful," she mused.

The Second Reveal:

Upon locating a box cutter, Danielle uncovered a design reminiscent of blooming flowers. This creation boasted rounds, pairs, and marquise diamonds, necessitating the removal of a gold bracelet to truly appreciate its sparkle. Holding it up for closer inspection, Danielle commented, "Is that not just gorgeous?" The piece was indeed captivating, weighing in at 11.48 carats and comprising 78 stones. Its retail value? A cool $47,000.

Understanding Quality:

As Danielle continued her review, she underscored the importance of handling such precious pieces with care. "Never just try to force put on your jewelry," she cautioned, emphasizing the risk of chipping diamonds or damaging the pieces.

Further examination led to a discussion about the bracelet's material. While gold was initially suspected, a closer look revealed the composition to be of 18kt and Platinum. "The lock," Danielle speculated, "I'll bet money the lock is platinum." Her rationale? The sturdiness of platinum ensures the clasp won't easily come undone.

Wrapping up her showcase, Danielle teased with a playful note, "But those are my little pieces. Maybe somebody will pay, and I can keep them."

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